Announcing EasyALM!
A Comprehensive Asset Liability Management Solution
with an available CECL ALLL feature
Now Available in EasyCall Report!

Please bring this to the attention of your bank’s Chief Financial Officer.

EasyALM is now included as a module in EasyCall Report. This is a turn-key solution that is fully integrated with EasyCall Report. This ALM solution has already been fully configured and customized for your bank using your Call Report data.

EasyALM  provides Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk and other related regulatory reports for your ALCO and enables you to make actionable decisions to enhance the value of your bank on a daily basis. 


DBI now offers your bank a Complete Regulatory Reporting Solution.

Call Report - Our EasyCall Report preparation software complies with all regulatory requirements and includes core data importing and Regulatory Capital Worksheet.

EasyALM - A comprehensive ALM Solution that has already been fully configured and customized for your bank using your Call Report data - a turn-key solution that is fully integrated with EasyCall Report.

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 We Specialize in Regulatory Reporting Software for Bankers

   In this environment of increasing regulatory oversight, it seems like the
   FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve are coming up with new reporting
   requirements every quarter.


   How can you keep up with these changes and make sure your bank is in
   compliance?  Is your regulatory reporting software always up to date? 
   Is your Interest Rate Risk reporting compliant with regulatory requirements? 

   You can be sure it is with DBI Financial Systems, Inc. software and THC
   Interest Rate Risk reports.  Banks have been relying on DBI Financial Systems
                                             for more than 25 years.


Throughout our history we have developed and maintained close relationships with financial regulatory agencies, understanding and satisfying their requirements for accurate and timely reporting.


Ours is the reporting “Software Developed by Bankers for Bankers.  From personal experience we understand how important it is that your FFIEC Call Report is complete, accurate and timely each and every quarter.


Our software makes it easy to prepare, validate and submit reports to the FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve.  It reflects your need for easy-to-use software and dependable, professional support.


Our staff has been committed to easing the burden of financial regulatory reporting for more than twenty five years.


Our goal here is to provide you with useful information about our company and its products that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us.


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Import Data Automatically
Working with your core system provider we make it possible to load data directly into your Call Report automatically, significantly reducing the effort of preparing the report.

ALL core system data can be imported including:




Customized Call Report

EasyCall Report integrates closely with the CDR and uses leading-edge technology
to automatically customize the Call Report to your bank's reporting requirements.

You enter only the Call Report items relevant to your bank.