Customized Call Report
EasyCall Report integrates closely
with the CDR and uses leading-edge technology to automatically customize the Call Report to your bank's reporting requirements.

You enter only the Call Report items relevant to your bank.

Import Data
Working with your core system provider we make it possible for data
to load directly into the Call Report automatically, significantly reducing the effort of preparing the report.
We are proud of our alliances with outstanding bank core systems providers.



The Latest News From DBI

Announcing EasyALM!
A Comprehensive Asset Liability Management Solution Now Available in EasyCall Report!

Please bring this to the attention of your bank’s Chief Financial Officer.

EasyALM is now available as a module in EasyCall Report at no charge. This is a turn-key solution that is fully integrated with EasyCall Report. This ALM solution has already been fully configured and customized for your bank using your Call Report data.

EasyALM satisfies Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk and other related regulatory guidelines and enables you to make actionable decisions to enhance the value of your bank on a daily basis.  Available expanded features include Stress Testing, Contingency Funding Planning, Credit, Budgeting and other advanced features.

Learn about our EasyCall Report software and EasyALM module., Register for a Tutorial Webinar NOW


Federal Reserve FR Y Series Reports Guide
The Federal Reserve has published an FR Y Series Reports guide that shows for each FR Y Report Who is Required to File, Copies Due, Due Date, Report Date and Actual Due Dates. Click here to view and print the guide.

Status and Issues with the FFIEC Central Data Repository
For current CDR system status, known FFIEC Edit issues and other important information click here.

Firewall Info and the CDR
Some firewalls require altering permissions to allow EasyCALL-CDR to communicate with the Central Data Repository. Your technical support person should be made aware that this communication uses HTTPS via port 443.

Forgot Your CDR Password?

  • Go to the CDR website at, click "LOGIN", and then click "Forgot Your Password?" Follow the instructions provided.
  • You will receive an email from the CDR containing a temporary PIN. Click the link in the email to go to the CDR website. Enter the PIN provided in the email to obtain your new temporary password.
  • Login to the CDR with your temporary password and change your password.


Amendments to Call Reports for quarters PRIOR TO September 30, 2005 may NOT be submitted to the CDR. Contact your analyst for instructions.