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EasyCall Report Preparation Software
Today’s most effective Call Report preparation software.

EasyY-9C Large Bank Holding Company Report Suite
Your best choice for preparing the FRY-9C and related reports.


SoftPort AUTO ACL automates the Allowance for Credit Losses Calculating and Reporting Process. The system dramatically reduces the time required to calculate the estimate and prepare reports and supporting documentation, while providing a strong defensible result in the eyes of regulators and auditors, and improves the executive’s ability to manage, forecast, and plan for changes in this critical estimate. AUTO ACL improves efficiency while adding consistency, and improving the accuracy of the process.

THC Risk Officer

IRR measurement and management reports that comply with all regulatory requirements for  banks and thrifts - from the smallest to the very largest institution.

TriComply Regulatory Compliance
A complete regulatory compliance service, providing management with unlimited compliance resources at a fixed, affordable cost.

EasySOD FDIC Summary of Deposits Software
The most advanced reporting system of its kind.

EasyCALL for State Banking Departments
Efficiently manage a large number of Call Reports.

EasyCALL for Puerto Rico Banks & Non-Depository Institutions

The standard software for reporting to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions.