THC Risk Officer


IRR measurement and management reports that comply with all regulatory requirements for  banks and thrifts - from the smallest to the very largest institution.

The Logical Transition from the OTS Interest Rate Risk Exposure (NPV) Report *  

THC Risk Officer is the leading regulatory and internal management risk reporting solution for banks and thrifts. You can be confident THC Risk Officer reports will satisfy your regulator because they are specifically designed with your examiner's requirements in mind.

  • Seamless transition for OTS banks to the OCC/FDIC regulatory requirements *
  • Maintain continuity in the management process with the new reports *
  • Comprehensive risk/profitability analyses
  • Accurate valuation of balance sheet items, including option valuation
  • Entire balance sheet simulations
  • No reconciliation of models to OTS models required *
  • Minimal work in preparing data - Call Report data loads directly from EasyCall.
  • Cost effective

THC was chosen by the OTS to provide the NPV reports to all OTS banks. * 

The Thomas Ho Company (THC) works closely and continuously with the OCC, FDIC and Federal Reserve to correctly measure bank and thrift interest rate risk exposure.

THC Risk Officer is the product built over these years to enable banks and thrifts to gain access to comprehensive risk and profitability analyses cost effectively without sacrificing measurement accuracy.


To learn more about THC Risk Officer and the Thomas Ho Company visit their website and product page.


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for details about how you can receive the Risk Officer Interest Rate Risk Reports

on a free-trial basis.


* Especially important for thrifts at this time.